Robbery Botched By F-Guard and Gentek


A botched robbery at East River Intercontinental Airport has been credited to two companies which supply the airport; F-Guard and Gentek.

According to ERIA PD, the robbers attempted to ram the gate leading to the tarmac only to be stopped by Gentek barriers and security systems from F-Guard.

“ERIA has made F-Guard (link) an official partner,” explained a security consultant we asked, “and has been using Gentek (link)for some time. Those burglars never stood a chance, even if they could have gotten through the gate.”

Official ERIA press release about F-Guard after the jump:

ERIA Chooses official partner
Friday,09 Oct 2015 20:44:04 GMT

ERIA has signed a deal with F-Guard. According to this deal ERIA will use F-Guard products. F-Guard will be inspecting the airport from time to time to make sure that we are in compliance for safety and free of potential hazards.
ERIA staff is proud of this partnership and looks forward to doing business with F-Guard!


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