WBA Initiates Product Verification Program


In a surprise move to deal with consumer frustration over manufacturing standards, the WBA has begun a “Product Verification Program.” The program, initiated by WBA President Sketch Sun after discussions with trusted manufacturers, will add a WBA stamp of approval onto products that were determined to be original.

“We will have a multiple step process, where we see the progress of the product at several stages in its production. Products that are proven to be original will then get our certifying stamp along with an authentication number that will be public record. Consumers can check numbers and products, and can buy with greater confidence,” explained Sketch Sun from his Pippen office. “For now we will start with originally created models and products, and may later add a new class of augmented products for those legally purchased models.”

The move already has some initial supporters and some controversy as well. “I just ain’t sure,” said the man in the ice cream truck in the East River Airport parking lot, “I just ain’t sure.”

Sketch Sun knows that it may not agree with some people. “It’s not that we are the only way to handle this problem, it’s just that there is a dearth of solutions. Right now there are stolen meshes and original meshes all mixed together. We know people want to be able to buy responsibly, and this is just one way. Our hope is that other agencies will also certify products so there will be a standard of quality.”

The WBA says that the pilot program will start after a week or so and that information from manufacturers is already being gathered.

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OOC: If you are a manufacturer and want to be certified, send a message to Sketch Sun. We’ll arrange for screenshots, an in world site visit, and a quick interview. Thank you!


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