SOCL Source Explains Intergalactic Traders Guild

With the new developments in mining and infrastructure (Stellar Systems) in space, SOCL has been examining the Trader’s Guild and has released this from their source (K.H.) somewhere in the Imperium.

“The (Intergalactic Traders Guild) Guild is the largest and most powerful trade organization in the Lumus Imperium. It is so large and powerful that it is it almost considered a Government unto itself although it doesn’t control any worlds but the spaces in between the worlds.”
“It is headquartered in the Heaven System with corporate headquarters on the planet Sentina and it operational headquarters on the Planetoid Hope with tens of thousand Trading stations and compounds throughout the Imperium. The Guild is new to the Milky way with it first Trading Station in the Mu Draconis System Orbiting the planet Araxas and now it first large scale mining operation in the near by Kuma System ((Nu Draconis)).


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