“Miracle Landing” of 727 Makes Hero of Pilot

A Boeing B727, fresh off the assembly line, was involved in a mid-air collision upon takeoff from Second Norway Lufthavm (SNO). A fighter jet clipped the rear stabilizer of the jet as it climbed to cruising altitude. The flight was Flight #908 from SNO to New Horizons. Vulture Air Captain FlyingWarfox, and his quick witted skills, was able to keep his cool and bring the plane in for an emergency landing in a Norwegian hamlet west of the airport.


None of the passengers were seriously injured and there were no injuries on the ground. The fighter jet continued to speed away from the scene, SLTSB agents report, and the origins of that fighter were unclear.


The cargo containers on the 727, fully loaded with cocktail sauce and Vienna sausages, were also undamaged. “I don’t know how I did it,” said FlyingWarfox. “I closed my eyes and held the stick tightly. That is all I remember.”3


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