Forest Deaths Linked To Slots


The deaths of two loggers discovered in the forests of Prototype have been linked to a secretive (but legal) gambling hall in Prototype.

“We found slot machine slugs in their pockets, and now believe that the loggers may have run afoul of some of our local colorful characters,” said a spokesperson from the State Troopers.

Astaro, the company which developed the new Triple Diamond and Super Seven slot machines that were used by the loggers, explained their product. They were “originally designed for the City of Harrison project…” and “are 100% legal and TOS compliant as they do not take or pay out L$. They are simply a fun game to play around with and only 3 prims so they fit anywhere. The machines feature a persistent credit system where your score is saved.”

“You can’t blame Astaro or local thugs for these murders,” said one trucker at the Rodex Diner, “It’s Bigfoot. Why else would the bodies be all mangled?”

Astaro’s new product is available in Prototype and in the Marketplace (link)


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