SOCL Reports New Spacecraft On Market


Black Bishop Industries has released a new spacecraft according to SOCL, and it is the largest to date. According to the manufacturer:

“The Epsilon is a long range Science/Vessel explorer, with extra large warp core for high speed distance travel and antimatter fuel storage for up to 18 month missions before refueling

mostly lacking defensive capabilities they are typically escorted by Calliope Class Runabouts (about the only shuttle that can keep up with them) in hostile territory, but can also use its superior sensors to detect and avoid threats at extreme ranges and even cloaked vessel signatures in the vicinity.

with a large multi purpose shuttlebay that can service up to one Calliope at a time, or carry a large amount of cargo with smaller shuttlecraft”

It is available at their showroom (link) for purchase and viewing.

More info after the jump:

Epsilon 64×48 compact roleplay starship (non-moving) to provide a full roleplay environment in a small space

Scene Rezzer – Throughout the ship rooms are scene rezzers with separate controls for Scenes (furniture and consoles)

For more detailed information about the powerful Saiscene rezzer system you can find the manual here:

VTP Node Included – The Visual Teleport (transporter room) on the ship will only work with at least 1 node rezzed on the same sim (or another BBI product with VTP active)

Prim count – Base rez (hull and bridge) 531 Land impact
Fully rezzed 791 Land impact

* Shuttles Sold Separately


Design, Textures, Modeling, Scripting, Stuff, Junk, Things – Janey Suen

Turbolift System – Cheshyr Pontchartrain (Novatech)
SaiScene Rezzer System – Bash Quandry, Sai Frequency (Quandry Industries)

Beta Testers – Unalee Paneer, Andromeda StJohn, NikonD40, Mika (asianpearl)

Space navigator used in the demo and photos is sold separately by Z-boutique


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