Law Enforcement Pleased With New Prison

Grunion Correctional

The finishing touches to the maximum security Grunion Correctional Facility have been completed. The prison, located on a remote, rocky island off the eastern coast of Nautilus, can only be reached by helicopter or boat and is located in shark infested waters.

Tours by various law enforcement officials have given strong approval. The security is state of the art, guards are provided by HitCorp Corrections, the gold standard of service in the industry. Oversight of transport of prisoners is through the United Sims Department of Justice. “Jailbird” DC-3 flights into White Star Airfield then a helicopter to the island are the primary method of transport.

With ten maximum security cells, plus isolation unit, eight medium security cells, and an eight bed minimum security dorm, this co-ed facility is ready for operations. The prison plans to open September 1, but a few early transfers have already come through.

CLAW, sand smugglers, and all criminals should be on notice. You will be caught. You will be jailed. And you’ll do hard time on “The Island.”

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  1. Waterbank News is thrilled to partner with the crack SLNN News Team. Way to go SLNN!

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