SOCL Commissions Sea Explorer

The Secret Order of the Crested Lotus has commissioned a sea vessel to “chart and discover the treasures of the seas.” The secretive organization hopes the new vessel will be able to conduct both on the water and underwater investigations, all while being able to navigate large rivers.

A spokeswoman explained over a telephone interview. “We want a ship that can handle everything, including deep sea diving,” said a spokesperson. “SOCL is committed to unlocking the ancient secrets – and some of the modern ones too.”

Ice Explorer

“There are a number of designs to consider. A ship capable of ice breaking such as the Aiviq design would serve them well.”

The picture at right shows one type of vessel SOCL is considering.

*** WN has learned that Feral Marine is building a vessel that SOCL is considering. The vessel is said to have a heli pad and accommodate twenty crew.


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