Pukalani Air Race Takes Contestants

The Pukalani Air Race is taking contestants, but only pilots with aerobatic skills. Sponsored by Pukalani Airport, the course will put pilots through pylons high speed.

From their organizers:

The competition will take place in 3 steps; Top 14, Semi-8, 4 final.
The official date will be communicated soon.

More after the jump:

Complete and return the form at the end Jojo937 Élan


– Pilots must complete a lap by passing through the air gates in a predetermined order. Any breach of this rule will result in penalties in seconds which are added to the race time
– If the driver hits a stud, he receives a penalty of 2 seconds
– If it exceeds the permitted altitude, it receives a penalty of 2 seconds
– Other penalties are: two seconds if the aircraft is not vertically (only for red doors), two seconds if it is not level (only for blue doors)

List of aircraft accepted :
* =TBM= Motors : TBM Xtreme
* Bancos Milestone : MILESTONE EXTRA 300S
* Bytegang worlds : PREFABRICA – A1 Sparrow
*Cloud Dancer Aviation and Pilot Shop : Cloud Dancer Extra 300L / Cloud Dancer Extra 300S / Cloud Dancer Sukhoi SU29/ Cloud Dancer Sukhoi SU26M Cloud Dancer CAP 232
* DLM : DLM R125 Corvus
* Erick Gregan : CAP 332 EG Aircraft
* toros Viper : Aerobatic Plane LOW WING
* Dani – Airplanes : A29-B Super Tucano

Complete the below and send it to Jojo937 Élan

Pukalani Air Race 2015
Name :
First Name :
Brand of the aircraft:
Model of plane :
Pilotage Experience (Beginner, Intermediate, Pro) :


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