Niosaki Systems Powers Up Feral; East River Economy Up Again

Niosaki Clara Niosaki is seen here at the Pippen Docks in early light. The CEO and inventor puts in long hours at the docks, fine tuning a fleet of prototype vessels.

After another spike on the WSE everyone is talking about the East River Economic Enhancement Zone (EREEZ), and insiders say that the economic shot in the arm has come from Niosaki Systems (NioS) pairing with Feral Marine (FM).

“At first glance you might say it’s Feral pushing the economy,” explained WBA President Sketch Sun, “but that would be ignoring that Niosaki Systems has been creating all the internal systems for the new fleet of Feral ships. Niosaki is huge.”

A trader at Hakuso Investments also credited Niosaki. “Clara Niosaki is the CEO of the Niosaki, and she’s been piloting that company into a perfect position to overtake the competition. Their partnership with Feral means that they can dominate the market. No one is coming out with as many boats as they are.”

  1. Clara Niosaki said:

    Just to point the person in the picture is not me, Clara Niosaki, but Niosaki Systems Chief Financial Officer, Kishiko Yamamura. Her financial magic is making possible all late takeovers.

  2. Correction: The picture is indeed of Kishiko Yamamura, the CFO of Niosaki Systems. Ms. Yamamura has been known to take an active role in the progress of Niosaki projects.

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