GDA’s Plan Partially Adopted, PLMC Steps In

Pippen1 Surprising the WBA and our staff, the Grace Development Agency plan for Pippen improvement has been taken up by PLMC, the Pippen Land Management Company – at least in part.

“Several portions of the plan were unrealistic,” a staffer at PLMC told us, “but everyone liked the idea of more water space.”

PLMC is currently going over construction bids, and lining up the ambitious project that has now been removed from public view.

“PLMC is NOT all that it seems,” said one outspoken member of the Pippen Merchant Association. “They have a shady history, and I know that they have secret goals in taking up this project. I’ve been hearing rumors of all kinds of strange things and they won’t let us see.”

The PLMC is not listed on the WSE and has not public oversight.


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