Grace Secedes From Waterbank

Waterbank’s new owner was surprised by the secession of Grace today. The region which was where Waterbank first become a town, said that they could no longer look to Waterbank for support, and would try to restore their population on their own. The region of Grace once was the third most populous of the Waterbank communities, and is now classified as “a farming community.”

WBA President Sketch Sun said that “they would need a dog to be village. Right now even the tumbleweed has nowhere to stop.”

  1. TheTruth said:

    Just so everyone’s clear… the land in Grace was abandoned. SL 1.0 is dying. Very few people invest in land or even care about anything other than freebies anymore.

    • Ha! Well spotted TheTruth. We can’t say we agree about investment, though. Cities rise and fall, but as long as there is a way to create, people keep coming 🙂

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