Desdemona Disaster Permanently Reroutes Flights, SOCL Investigates

DesdemonaDisaster The scale of the Desdemona Disaster staggers scientists, who are looking for a cause.

After a disaster that forced the transcontinental airport in Desdemona to dismantle, airlines are rerouting flights and quickly making adjustments to their business practices.

“Most flights reroute to ERIA,” explained a WAA official we talked to for the story. “They already had a working relationship, and ERIA is one of the few full service, large capacity airports that can handle what Desdemona used to.”

ERIA-2.1 An old pilot’s map shows why airlines have chosen ERIA.

No official story has come forward on what exactly happened at Desdemona, but a number of marine biologists claim that crabs may be the answer. One from Waterbank University explained.

“It’s no secret that crab populations have spiked in some areas, and started consuming everything. Desdemona Airfield had a massive substructure for industry and to support the airfield itself. A million crabs feeding on the support structure could easily compromise the whole airport.”

SOCL, the secret organization dedicated to the discovery of the world’s secrets, has said that they would begin an investigation into the area from a nearby base.

“We will conduct a number of dives and tests to determine the true cause of the disaster. At this time we feel confident that we can rule out some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories out there.”

Despite SOCL’s claim however, conspiracy theories are everywhere. One Cafe Tempest customer in Windhill insisted that it was a bomb from the HIC warehouse at Desdemona, and another shopper at Prototype said that the Free Connie Movement attacked Desdemona to prevent gunboats from Feral Marine from being delivered.


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