Mesa 5 Explained

Mesa 5 is a complicated megacity, and as Silas Moone will attest to, there are some conflicts between the different groups.

A full explanation of the factions comes from Arnold Gustav after the jump:

Press Release:
Caliban Risk Management, Division of Platform Security

Version 1.0
Written by Arnold Gustav


Caliban Risk Management, Division of Platform Security or “PlatSec” was established ad hoc to police Caliban’s “Mesa” platforms under contract by Paradyne Industries. Whilst being Mesa 5’s policing force PlatSec is unable to personally police all of Mesa and will often focus on patrolling areas with a higher density of PlatSec clients.

PlatForm officers will typically be assigned to lower-risk areas in the commercial district and overcity and every fully graduated officer has the ability to enforce the law in accordance with PlatSec’s rules and regulations.

Chain of Command:

[Chief Commissioner]

The Chief Commissioner’s role in PlatSec revolves heavily around handling public inquiries and speaking to the press during major crises. Whilst the Chief Commissioner works closely alongside the Deputy Commissioner, he will delegate many of the more managerial tasks to section heads, who will receive bi-monthly briefings on company affairs.

[Deputy Commissioner]

The Deputy Commissioner acts as the Chief Commissioner’s second in command and is responsible for handling PlatSec’s more operational affairs. During a time of emergency, the DepCom will often step up to the role of Acting Chief Commissioner.

[Section Head]

Section Heads report directly to both the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner and are responsible for overseeing PlatSec operations across the city. Each Section Head will be responsible for overseeing sections of the city, in the instance of Mesa 5, PlatSec has three section heads, one for each of the city’s tiers.


PlatSec’s team of sergeants are comprised of officers who have displayed consistently exceptional work. Sergeants are responsible for directing PlatSec’s officers and operate on the field as opposed to their higherups, who will often monitor operations from PlatSec headquarters. A PlatSec sergeant has authority over all enlisted officers in the field but answers directly to the Section Heads.


The bulk of PlatSec’s personnel. Officers operate city-wide and all personnel have gone through a mandatory period of training where they are trained extensively in law enforcement techniques and the semantics of Caliban law. Officers come equipped with an array of standard-issue equipment including but not limited to a nightvision scope, a high-caliber mid-range pistol, reinforced handcuffs, tear gas canisters, a gasmask, light combat armour and a close range stunstick. At the discretion of a Section Head an officer may be permitted to specialize into one of two areas.

– SWAT Team
PlatSec’s SWAT officers are trained to respond to a number of highly volatile situations and will be dispatched if PlatSec Control receives reports of hostage cases, armed robbery, persistent gang activity, large-scale smuggling operations and planned raids. SWAT officers are issued equipment deemed more suitable for combat situations and are provided with more comprehensive combat training covering numerous fields.

– Investigator
Officers who show an aptitude for deduction and problem solving are often referred to PlatSec’s ‘Investigation Unit’ which works closely with the officer team to help paint a case’s bigger picture. Investigators will often be involved in crime scene investigation as well as participating in or even heading up case interviews. Investigators are trained to recognize human and alien behaviour in response to certain questions and will make use of monitoring technology to ensure that interviews are as resourceful as possible.

Miscellaneous Roles

PlatSec Attorney

Not everyone can afford the luxury of an expert lawyer during a lawsuit, however a legal representative on Caliban is mandatory and PlatSec attorneys will be called in to offer legal advice to those who are unable to obtain the assistance of a legal firm elsewhere.


PlatSec’s controllers are responsible for keeping field units up to date with city operations and maintain constant radio contact with PlatSec officers. Controllers operate from the control room inside PlatSec headquarters.


PlatSec’s forensics personnel form a part of the Investigation Unit and, whilst they are often called to the scene of a crime, will work from the laboratory at PlatSec headquarters. Forensics personnel may be able to garner more of a lead from an item than an Investigator and both parties will consult with one another frequently during a case.

Bounty Hunters

Although not registered as PlatSec personnel, “Bounty Hunters” is the term given to individuals or groups who have taken up contracts around the city from PlatSec’s bounty board. Whilst they may not have the legal jurisdiction that PlatSec officers do they are still contracted to act on behalf of the law with limited force. PlatSec Bounty Hunters are usually screened prior to being issued with a contract to ensure that they are a trusted source although there have been numerous reports of rogue Bounty Hunters weaving their own webs with PlatSec’s resources.

Bounty Board

The bounty board will be a common sight for those looking to work with the law. The board features a list of active assignments which may be picked up by any registered PlatSec contractor (Any member of the PlatSec group will be able to interact with this board and entrance to the group under the role of ‘Contractor’ may be achieved by contacting PlatSec for a meeting ICly). PlatSec Officers, Bounty Hunters and security firms may accept contracts from the bounty board.

Turning in a Contract

Once a contract has been fulfilled, the party responsible should get in contact with a Section Head or the Deputy Commissioner, providing evidence of your success if possible. Once the completion of a contract has been verified, points will be added to your name, or your faction’s name in the bounty database.

Contract Failure

You will not be penalized points for failing to complete a contract, although contracts that have been closed off on the board can no longer be pursued.

Contractor Prerequisites

In order to work on behalf of PlatSec ICly your character or faction must meet the following prerequisites.

– Your character must have little or no previous run-ins with the law.
– Your character must agree to work lawfully and complete contracts in line with – Caliban’s legal system.
– Your character must not use equipment that is forbidden on Caliban IV.

Rules and Regulations

– An officer may not purchase contraband.
– An officer may not willingly withhold information relating to a case.
– An officer may not bring to harm any persons who have not proven to be a threat to others.
– An officer may not use brutal or excessive force to clear an area of bystanders.
– An officer must not be insubordinate and must respect the wishes of their superiors.

Detainment Procedure

Step 1 – Assess the nature of the situation.
How many perpetrators are present?
Are they armed? If so would it be prudent to call in SWAT personnel?
Are they listed as a high-profile individual?

Step 2 – Ensure the safety of others
Prioritize: Client safety is paramount but all civilians must be safe before pursuing the perpetrator

Step 3 – Pacify and arrest the individual(s)
Ensure that their hands are clasped behind them before cuffing them.
Read them their rights. “I am detaining you on suspicion of -Suspected Crime- in accordance with Caliban law. You will be granted the right to an attorney and anything you say can and will be used in a court of law”

Step 4 – Secure transport to a PlatSec detainment block
If you are patrolling on foot, request a car to take them to the detainment block.
Officers patrolling in PlatSec vehicles are to transport the individual(s) to the site using their own vehicle.
Ensure that you contact other personnel to alert them that you are in transit to the detention block.

Step 5 – Sign the individual(s) in before designating them a cell.


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