CrabWatch: East River in Crisis

CrabWatch This week in CrabWatch marine biologists have been horrified by the decimation of plant life along the East River as East River Crabs overpopulate and consume everything in their path.

“We saw the skeletal remains of a wood hull yesterday,” said a marine biologist from Waterbank University, “and today it’s gone. They’re eating everything!”

So far a number of crabbing vessels are in the works to reduce the population, but delays in the production line of Bandit Boats (also known as Boss Craft) has stalled the crabbing vessels indefinitely. Feral Marine, which is in testing of the crabbing vessel in the picture, is also awaiting Bandit Boats after a production agreement was signed. The agreement allows both companies to release a more efficient “Crab Grab System” (CGS).

Volunteers have been crabbing as they can, but the population of East River Crabs continues to grow. “We issued a warning at beaches,” said East River Police, “swim at your own peril.”


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