Top Secret Memo Leaked!

ProjVanquish Waterbank News has acquired a secret memo destined for the CEO of Feral Marine from the production team of “Project Vanquish,” an armed gunboat that may have been based on “Project Tempest.”

“It’s hard to keep up with that company,” a local boat seller admitted, “they are working hard and fast. In the time that Tempest was in development they came out with a RHIB, a luxury pleasure boat, and that’s just what we know about. They’re moving as fast as their boats!”

The memo outlines the features of the new boat, including a defense system that may be unique to its class. Our legal department (the fugitive lawyer) has insisted that we are able to print the memo, and that “documents obtained during drinking contests are fair and legitimate acquisitions, just like one night stands.”

The memo, in its entirety is after the jump:

The memo acquired during the tequila contest:


Attn: Volchia Ferduccio
Re: Project Vanquish

BOFORS 57mm cannon from Project Tempest
M-60 from Project Tempest
Prototype missile system
C.I.W.S. marine defense system

Project update:
The project is moving ahead as scheduled. Currently the vessel is still on the drafting table pending approval. Moving ahead with the the stealth components of the ship. As requested we are re-engineering the bay area to launch and retrieve RIBs.
We will be moving ahead with the mounting of the defense systems and wiring them to the C.I.C.
We are estimating fabrication in one weeks time.


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