Tempest Scrapped?

This story is from our resident East River reporter:

This is the question all Feral employees have been asking in the halls of Feral Marine. However, they still have not seen nor heard from the Project Tempest crew. The project crew were being housed in an underground bunker owned by the East River Community but have since been moved yet again. Feral Marine has said nothing about the project crew except “The crew working on Tempest are indeed alive and well.” (This was said by a spokesperson for Feral Marine in his closing statements while appearing before the East River Port Authority. (ERPA)).

ERPA had called Feral Marine to the meeting because of an unfortunate event that happened earlier in the week. While on a tour of Tempest an ERPA official, Gil Egamad, was humiliated when without warning, while on the bow of the ship, the Bofors cannon powered up and took aim at his head. “It was like looking down a stove pipe into hell” said Gil about looking down the unloaded barrel of a 57mm gun. Mr. Egamad promptly wet himself and passed out cold on the deck. Only after his aide woke him did he promise that there would be consequences for this flagrant attempt at his life. As stated by the spokesperson “The Bofors was unloaded, we were demonstrating the guns pinpoint accuracy. Unintentionally we also found that BOFORS must stand for Big Ole Friggin’ Organ Releasing System. Mr. Egamad did not find this amusing and promised to put a halt to the development of the project. In other news, in a surprise move the East River Port Authority has announced that it will be sending an official to the snow lands in Sansara continent for extended survival training. It came as no surprise that Gil Egamad will be the official being sent on this training. when asked if there was any connection between his disdain of Feral Marine’s Tempest project and this new training ERPA simply replied with “We thought that Mr. Egamad could use the extra training.”

Feral Marine has announced Tempest will be undergoing live fire trials in the Arctic zone later this week….

Feral Marine’s chief of operations Elisha Paklena, when asked about the live fire exercises later this week remarked “miaowbu Rez Gray mroow Mrrrrrrrrroooooow, mraakk! mow gakk-ak-ak Miaooww! Mriaow! Miao” For those rusty in this dialect of Miaoderin….

“We have recently contracted Rez Gray for the weapons systems development on project Tempest, It is necessary to check the systems to ensure proper functionality.” this will be the third live fire drill for the vessel. This drill, code named simply “Damage” will test the pinpoint accuracy of the weapons systems on moving land based targets says Paklena. Feral Marine has moved on to another product line as of late with it’s development of a cabin cruiser targeted at the pleasure cruisers on the Blake Sea, the new vessel called “Feral Horizon” can be seen at the pippen docks. It is slated for engine installation later this week with a release date pending. “This is an exciting time for Feral Marine” Says Ferduccio, president of Feral Marine “We are moving our product line in two separate paths enabling more of the Second Life consumers to enjoy the products we craft by hand” Ferduccio takes pride in the fact that all Feral Craft are original works crafted with attention to detail. The Feral design team has been locked away in their offices in pippen for weeks now working on a few more designs. Among which is rumoured to be a medium sized luxury yacht.


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