ERIA Worker Suspected of Claw Collaboration

A worker at ERIA was escorted from the high security cargo area today by heavily armed security. Passengers at the busy airport gawked as the worker, wearing overalls bearing the name of the airport was ushered into an armored car.

“We all wondered if this meant they found a bomb or something,” one passenger said.

There is an ongoing investigation as to if this man has any affiliation with the organization called “The Claw,” which has been known to steal munitions and secrets, yet East River Police say that the worker claimed to be innocent of any wrong doing and that he knew nothing of crates marked with explosive ordinance symbols that went missing. The crates were scheduled to be delivered to Project Tempest, a top secret para-military vessel being constructed by Feral Marine.

Feral Marine has been secretive about the vessel, even going so far as to house all workers involved in the project in private housing in an undisclosed location near the East River Borough.


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