Feral Marine Press Release: Welcome and Watch For the Tempest!

The rapidly growing Feral Marine issued a press release yesterday, welcoming former Waterbank citizens and announcing its commitment to arm anti-Claw forces. From Chia Ferduccio, President of Feral Marine:

“Feral Marine would like to officially welcome all of the new workers from Waterbank. We feel honored that such skilled craftspeople have considered Feral Marine as their place of employment. To show that Feral Marine listens to it’s employees we have begun construction of a special ship capable of dealing a fatal blow to the organization known to the waterbank employees as “the Claw”. We have over heard several conversations regarding this topic and have noticed the fear instilled in our new employees. So, Feral Marine has gone ahead and done something about it. “Project Tempest,” as it has become known as in the halls of Feral Marine, is sure to put an end to all nefarious actions taken in waters it patrols.”


News of “Project Tempest” and its implications in the fight against the Claw was well received at WIA, which has been issuing warnings about the secretive criminal organization.

“If the boat is like the others that Feral Marine has produced, it will be just what we need. It can’t come soon enough!” Said one intelligence officer.


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