Waterbank Citizens Leave In Droves!

WatOff Waterbank citizens have been leaving Waterbank in droves, many applying for East River citizenship.

“We’re disgusted by the lack of leadership,” said one, packing up a Lusch Motors Mudial. “The Mayor’s been dead for so long and all they’ve done is set up a committee to choose who should clean up the body.”

Another citizen waiting in the line for East River citizenship said what a lot of people in line agreed with. “Waterbank has really changed, and it’s harder to find work. It used to be that the WMA complex could keep all of us working, but it’s just not there. So, I’m heading off to East River. Maybe if I’m lucky Feral Marine will hire me.”

A professor at Waterbank University explained why there were so few jobs. “The ‘WMA complex’ refers to the Waterbank Metropolitan Authority umbrella of services and functions, and has been whittled away by budget cuts and politics. When it was at its fullest, the WMA sent troops to Undine, people to space, conducted sea patrols, and cleaned the streets of Grace and Waterbank communities. All those workers are now out there, looking for work. You can’t blame them for going to fast developing companies like Feral Marine.”


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