Airport Approved in Rochester

RochAir A municipal airport has been approved in Rochester County, and has already seen Phase 1 construction in the Nassau 1700s area. The airport “will feature a paved tarmac & runway, one hangar, a fuel dump, an ATC tower, and a number of rental spaces along the tarmac” according to County representatives, and will allow licensed pilots to utilize the airport.

Rochester, which was previously only accessible by bus or train, is now accessible by air as well. Visitors interested in Rochester can follow this link to the airport site (link).

An airport FAQ is after the jump:

From the administrators:

Q: What is Rochester MUN?
A: Rochester Municipal Airport. It will consist of a paved tarmac & runway, a hangar for repairs and modification, a fuel dump, an ATC tower, and a number of rental spaces for aircraft parking.

Q: Who has access to it?
A: The general public will not have access to it. Only those that possess a valid Rochester pilot’s license and membership in a soon-to-be-named club will have access to all features of the airport.

Q: How do I get a license?
A: The Rochester Flight School will have testing dates prepared in order to flight test potential pilots. There will be three departments: Fixed-wing, rotor-wing and VTOL. Each will have a different instructor, and you may or may not be familiar with the training aircraft.

Q: What about club membership?
A: It will just be another group. Will there be a fee? Most likely not, but donations will be welcome to keep the airport in operation.

Q: I’m in [RPD/RFD] and I’d like to RP on airport grounds. What do I do?
A: Contact one of the high-ranking members of the [insert name here] pilot’s club, and they will grant you access. The RP must have an outline, however, and not interfere with traffic in a major manner – unless authorized to do so.

Q: What if I don’t like it?
A; Tough luck. It’s going to be there. I’d advise earplugs and a good bottle of whiskey. That helps with the noise.

Q: How many planes will wreck into my house per month?
A: There shouldn’t be a great number. Pilot’s will be screened [ICly and OOCly] to ensure that they have the proper skills to avoid this. Will lag hit? Of course. But it will be the pilot’s choice whether or not a wreck is IC.

Q: Can I do ATC?
A: When a contractor is chosen to carry out ATC duties, you will be directed to them. In the meantime…. no.

Q: Can we get rid of it? Pretty please?
A: No. Aviation is love. Aviation is life.

Q: When will the airport be done?
A: Stop asking me, and maybe it’ll be finished! Jokes aside, it will take a while. The layout has to determined, the skyline has to be studied, and the size of the airport amenities must be calculated. It’s not going to be an easy process, and since I’m the one doing this, it won’t help if you stress me by asking when it will be done.

Q: Will there be an airport PD or FD?
A: No. This isn’t Dulles. This is a municipal airport, and it will fall under the jurisdiction of RPD and RFD respectively. I can’t say for certain whether there will be an airport-assigned squad in either department or not, though.

Q: Do I have to file a flight plan?
A: Yes, but – before you go stomping off – it will be a simplified version. There’s only one other destination, so it will basically consist of a few boxes that will say either ‘Circle’, ‘Port Dominion’ or ‘Emergency’. This is so that we on the ground can keep track of flights. This will apply to Port Dominion Airport likewise.

Q: But that’s boring!
A: A) That’s not a question & B) Suck it up. It’s just like real police work; there’s paperwork in aviation that has to be filled out for safety and legal purposes.

Q: That’s not fair, though! I do what I want!
A: Will you please leave? Thank you.

Q: What aircraft can I use?
A: This is stated in the Rochester County rules, under section 6, subsection 2. These may vary for Port Dominion, but to put it briefly, nothing larger than a Douglas DC-3 or a Junkers JU-52 (Google them if you don’t know).

Q: What about helicopters?
A: Absolutely. In fact, that is the bread and butter of Rochester’s aviation community [at the time of this FAQ’s publication].

Q: Really, can we just not do it?
A: Why didn’t you say something when I said “Any questions or constructive comments?”? That’s when you say something, you know!

Q: Is it illegal if I break into the airport?
A: I can’t believe you’re asking this- Yes. Very.

Q: What if I fly without a license?
A: Watch out for four Lockreed P-80s on your six, that’s all I’m gonna say.

Q: C’mon, can’t we-

Q: Will there be classes that actually teach me how to fly?
A: This is very likely, as there will be completely greenhorn aviators here in the sim who want to learn what they’re doing in the air. So long as you can get ahold of an airplane for yourself, we can teach you how to fly it.

Q: Is mayonnaise an instrument?
A: For the love of God, it’s called an “Aioli!”

If there are any further questions, feel free to IM me, and I will answer them as soon as I can. Oh, and by the way… if your question was answered here, and you still ask it anyways, I will personally drag you up the side of the Albrecht Building and throw you over the railing and into a manure truck. So don’t ask these questions again, okay?

-Johnathan Lycheborne
Sim Administrator / Airport Coordinator


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