Amok Dynamics Pushes Envelope, Gets Stamped For Approval!

Amok Dynamics has exceeded the high expectations of its customers with the release of its A6, packing it with more functions and new features than any other craft. In addition to smooth flying, load out options, and new fueling options, the MCE system craft will soon have features allowing pilots to use the craft in no rez zones. Aeon Voom, the owner of Amok Dynamics has plans to expand the system to allow greater capabilities in the future as well.

The aircraft is available at Honah Lee Airfield (link right) and affiliate vendors.

A personal statement from the manufacturer is after the jump:

From Aeon Voom:

For those who missed it, a rundown of what was announced at the A-6 release event.

The A-6 Intruder will be the first AMOK jet equipped with the ACAPI (AMOK Complete API). ACAPI is a complete plug-in that manages communications for refueling, in air refueling, tankers, fuel tanks, fuel trucks and more. On top of that, it manages tugging, fastening to ships and more. ACAPI will soon be released to the public, free of charge. It can be deployed in any vehicle, fuel source, cargo and such.

The Intruder is the first to carry the new MCE Vehicle api 7.5. Vehicles can get used without the MCE HUD in Global mode and in MCE environments that permit it. Furthermore, if an environment permits it, or if used in Global mode, you can go to a free for all style “No Team”. Global mode means, anywhere, where no set up is put up. The new API supports even more, and coming soon: Quiet Fire. Quiet Fire is a component of MCE that allows it to be used on no-rez land. MCE vehicles will soon be usable anywhere, anytime, and even without a HUD, and without getting forced to pick a certain team.

AMOK is back in jets for real. no more fiddling with airliners and such. I am back at what i am best. making the damn best combat jets in second life!

Aeon Voom


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