Richmond Marina and Heliport Opens


A new marina and heliport, Richmond Marina & Heliport, has opened in the North Sea, strategically close to Nautilus and the Blake Sea. According to the owner they offer “12 superbly designed, spacious boat slips (24m max length) and 6 executive style helipads in our 3 heliport terminals.”

Run by geoff.quinell, the destination has already pulled in tenants and traffic. “It’s a good place for sailing,” said one Bandit 55 owner.


Interested parties can find the marina and heliport at this link (link).

Information from the owner is after the jump:

From the owner:

Superbly located on the North Channel, Blake Sea & Nautilus region of the Second Life Mainland, Richmond Marina & Heliport is perfectly placed as your base for all your virtual boating and aviation.

At Richmond Marina & Heliport, we offer

Standard prim allowances and rental charges are as follows…
Boat Slips – 75 prims @ L$225 pw
Helipads – 75 prims @ L$225 pw
More or less prims can be allocated by arrangement.
Charges are calculated on a 1 prim for L$3 ratio.
eg: 50 prims = L$150 pw or 100 prims = L$300 pw

By renting a boat slip or helipad at Richmond Marina & Heliport, you agree completely to the following terms & conditions:

Once rented, a group invitation will sent to enable you to rez.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Richmond Marina & Heliport Management, Geoff Quinnell.


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