WAX Responds to Painful Split at SNO Docks


Bananas are no laughing matter to one dock worker at the SNO docks, who was taken to the hospital yesterday afternoon after a serious injury.

The dock worker was one of several unloading a shipment of the naturally packaged fruit from the Blake Sea islands when he slipped on a banana peel.

“One leg went one way, and the other went the other way,” explained his friend, “it was like he was trying to split himself in half. We heard a sound and then he started squealing. I think that’s when we knew he wasn’t playing around.”

DaveDorm Gaffer, CEO of GridEx was at the SNO branch office near the docks. “It was a terrible sound, and I had one of my staff call for an ambulance the moment I saw the man on the ground.”

WBA President Sketch Sun was at the docks too, eating a banana when we spoke to him. “You gotta be careful around bananas,” he said, shaking the bananas at us. “The peels are so slippery,” he finished it and carelessly threw the peel over his shoulder, “so yeah. Safety first.”


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