BBI Gets Ambitious, Silas Gets In

Surprising the entirety of the editorial staff, Silas (our hapless space delivery guy who is constantly in the crossfire) finds a story before the SOCL news wire. This story comes from Silas Moone:


BBI (Black Bishop Industries), the maker of premium spacecraft is well underway on it’s most ambitious spacecraft yet, the Epsilon. With several decks and enough rooms to staff a large crew, it is clearly meant to be a fully functional long range space vessel.

With bridge, bridge, science lab, crew quarters, shuttle and maintenance bays, the Epsilon looks like it will be the a groundbreaking vessel, especially since BBI allows ships to be modified.

Epsilon2 Silas looks at the room he is most likely to spend time in – the brig.

Epsilon3 Silas scrounges for illicit substances in the med lab.

Interested star captains can follow this link to see the vessel: Epsilon (link)


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