HCI Responds To Blackmail


HitCorp has responded (official statement after jump) to the criminal who broke into and then tried to blackmail the security company. The company has denied reports, saying that the criminal has likely falsified or fabricated evidence of wrong doing.

The allegations have come at a time when the Waterbank Intelligence Agency has been evaluating outsourcing to security companies.

Waterbank News contacted the criminal who broke into HCI, who refused to comment, and only said “shucks” before hanging up.

Read the official HCI statement after the jump:

“After being made aware of the news articles in the Waterbank News, HitCorp International would like to reaffirm the statement that the company does not engage in “bribes, corruption, coercion, and murder” and maintains an above-board business operation in legitimate private security and defense contracting.

Our private Desdemona facility was indeed broken into, however no classified or sensitive files could have been copied from the system as classified defense contract material is stored securely only on-site and at the HCI Headquarters in New York under Federally mandated protection and encryption.

Some minor files were removed from the office and copied, as well as extensive physical damage done to the office areas however leaked information pertained exclusively to lightly encrypted Desdemona Airfield Security shift reports relevant only to the contract to Desdemona for airport security services. Measures have been taken to change shift rotation and implement additional security, as this may have been an attempt to gain information useful for a terrorist attack. Due to evidence found by external investigators and recent events within HCI, it is currently assumed a disgruntled former employee may have hired an accomplice to either find information to discredit HCI or use insider knowledge to carry out an act of domestic terrorism in an attempt to make security measures provided by HCI to Desdemona appear inadequate. However, this break-in may be unrelated to other recent events supporting the theory.

The individual wishing to blackmail HCI can feel free to release those files, however any alleged damning information will inevitably be proven forged.

HCI invites those that wish to ‘review’ our organization to look at the quality and professionalism consistently recorded of our organization since operations began in 2004 and compare that to the minority of reports over the years to the contrary primarily perpetrated by persons no longer employed by the corporation. In comparison to it’s competitors HCI offers more personnel, more professionalism, better prices and more employee accountability. We especially invite the Waterbank Mayor to a personal demonstration of company policy and training practices – Several of which rival or surpass some law enforcement agency standards.

Any incidents such as the 2007 shooting, courts found HCI was not liable and that circumstances ruled it either individual employee fault or an unavoidable occurrence as the result of aggressors. Substantiated reports of corruption were the result of lone-wolf operators no longer adhering to company policy, who were swiftly and concisely dealt with, as well as a new and persistent internal monitoring operation by HCI’s Intelligence Services Section since early February. Several current individual employees are under investigation however these personnel are currently relegated to internal office duty only and do not compromise the personnel staffing contract security or technical sites.”


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