A Tail of Two Airports

JU52fletcher A JU-52 under reconstruction (and perhaps available soon) sits on the tarmac at Fletcher Airfield.

Two airports have opened up in the Jeogut area, and have already become popular destinations. Fletcher Airfield (link), which has been adding services and refinements is a class A3 airport with a number of rental hangars, a terminal, tower, and a fire department.

Unity Airport (link) is a class B3 airport that is run by the friendly Gota Blackheart and home to an air rescue patrol that regularly patrols the area. It too has some rental hangars, but is most notable for it’s extensive apron allowing large aircraft and airships.

Despite their proximity, the two parallel airports have a cooperative arrangement, and pilots are quick to praise the two. “It’s more than overflow for high traffic times,” explained the WAA person we talked to, “having more airports in the area allows for specialization and practice for pilots. I’ve already heard that a flight school may open soon.”

Both airports are connected to the main road of the region close to Kenfield Bridge and the USS Reprisal, making them destinations to travel (or connect to) by land as well.

UnityAirport Unity Airport is ideal for large craft and has plenty of open space.


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