Smuggler Blackmails HCI With Scandal

In a twist on the recent break-in of a Hit Corp warehouse, the perpetrator has threatened to release damning evidence of HCI’s backdoor dealings and crimes unless a sizable payment is made.

To make his demands known the smuggler contacted Waterbank News and told our reporters that evidence of bribes, corruption, coercion, and murder would be released unless HCI paid a “grotesque amount of money.”

HCI, which has had a number of allegations leveled against it, has so far eluded any legal action. “Nothing can be proven,” spat their Waterbank legal representative, known by many as the “Fugitive Lawyer.” “Smear HCI at your own risk.”

Among the critics of HCI is the Mayor, who has refused to allow the WIA to outsource security operations, citing concerns of impropriety. Security companies such as HCI, OmniCorp, and Raven have been under review.

The smuggler gave HCI some time to pay, saying “I know that they’ll have to liquidate some investments” and that “they know where they can find me.”


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