Harrison City, the city considered to be the most promising metropolis in the world by the WBA has suffered a natural disaster, leveling it.

“I was shocked,” WBA President Sketch Sun said over a phone interview. “The city was one of the most beautiful I had ever seen, and full of so much promise. It was well managed and had staffed services. I’m – I’m so distressed by it.”

Not everyone felt the loss was sudden. City officials said that the last few weeks before the disaster people had been less active in the city. “It’s strange,” said one meter maid, “but people seemed to sense something bad was coming.”

City emergency services were able to evacuate everyone in time, and there has been no official report on the disaster that took whole buildings at a time.

“I joined the people standing at the Prototype border,” said Sun, “just staring at this empty hole in our lives. Harrison will be sorely missed.”

OOC: The closure of Harrison is indeed a great loss, and we thank Will and the other people that created it for al their hard work.


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