GridWide Airways Boycotts Bay Cities Airport

BayCities Bay Cities Airport with the city in the background.

GridWide Airways has released a press notice stating that they will “temporarily drop service to and from The Bay City Municipal Airport due to the Bay County Sheriff’s Department harassing both our pilots and our passengers.”

The change would only affect flights to Hau Koda, but the move is likely to affect the Bay Cities economy. Bay Cities, which was once labeled “unredeemable” by former Mayor Forgier, has had a reputation as a criminal battleground as turf wars have fought for the lucrative port and airport.

“It’s not clear whether the Bay Cities Sheriff is trying to wipe out crime or just creating a criminal empire of their own,” a WIA analyst told us quietly. “We hear both kinds of stories.”

  1. In response to the recent unsigned article title. “Gridwide Airlines Boycotts Bay Cities Airport”
    I have been an SL Member for over 5 Years now. I Stumbled upon Bay City several years ago while explorering one of it Many attractions “The Fairmont Hotel” a Haunted Hotel 1 of the many attractions this great city has to offer. The architecture, Canals, Parks, And Many diversified Shops. make an attractive place to visit, But once you meet the Cities Residents it makes it a place you want to move, which i did. My 1st apartment was Given to me Yes given by one of the residents over looking the beautiful New Port Yacht Club (which i am now a member due to the Kindness of the Members and Residents. Bay City is a True community which tirelessly always sponsors varies events at the Bay City Fair Grounds for many RL Charities as well as SL programs. Why am i rambling on about Bay City and its Residents? Because they are Good Honest People. Bay City is a G Rated Community. Lots of RPs such ash Family and child flourish. which brings me to the Bay County Sheriffs Department a Role Playing Club Headed by the Grizzley (Bozz Parx) A Kind Giving Gentleman. The Bay County Sheriff’s Department working Hand and Hand with The Bay City Police Department (RP) are nothing more than good will ambassadors. Greeting Visitors and offering assistance as in direction or transportation to te cities many attractions. Occasionally a visitor may enter Bay city and violate SL rules for a G Area by using in appropriate language or not clad in clothing. The Sheriffs Dept and Police Dept and General citizen will act in the appropriate manner by issuing report to Linden labs. Something that was not done in the accusations made against the Bay County Sheriffs Dept. at the Bay City Airport. by an unnamed author. I personally an a member of “Passengers of SL” and enjoy their services often. I also am a Member of the Bay County Sheriffs Depart (RP). My Name is SlimWhitman Deputy, Citizen of Bay City. and am appalled at the Slander this unnamed author wrote about a Fine man and a Great City.

  2. micha blackrain said:

    Oh man, IDK what to do since GrideWide Airways, whom I’ve never heard of, stopped service to BC. I didn’t even know they had scheduled service to and from Bay City. Guess I’ll just have to rez a plane and fly myself!

  3. Brian Hackett (airport.organiser) said:

    I am the owner of GridWide Airways. I did state that flights to Bay City would be temporarily canceled due to harassment by the Bay County Sheriff. I did, however, agree to go ahead with our previously chartered flights to Bay City after speaking with Marianne McCann. Since SlimWhitman Mesmeriser, a Bay County Sheriff’s deputy, has taken to harassing me personally in IMs, I am now more certain than ever that the decision to halt flights to Bay City is the best decision for our passengers and crew. While Bay City is a wonderful place, the safety of our passengers is our main goal. I cannot, with a clean conscience, allow our passengers or our crew to be harassed simply because of the location we flew them to.

    While I was originally hesitant to name avatar names, the subsequent harassment has changed my mind. The only people in Bay City which are causing trouble are Bozz Parx and SlimWhitman Mesmeriser. No other person or law enforcement group within Bay City has done anything pertaining to GridWide Airways that I am aware of.

  4. SlimWhitman said:

    After a careful internal Investigation of the accusations made By Mr. Hackett (a Non -Citizen of Bay City). No Proof either copies of Text, IMs or Screen shots have surfaced regarding the so Call Harassment of Him, his Airline, Personnel, nor Passengers at theBay City Airport. His accusations against The Bay County Sheriff’s Department and Bay City in General “ Bay Cities, which was once labeled “unredeemable” by former Mayor Forgier, has had a reputation as a criminal battleground as turf wars have fought for the lucrative port and airport.” . Hold no merit and appear to be nothing more than an act of total fiction which motivations are still unclear, No one seems to benefit from this form of Slander.

    There are many outstanding Citizens working on the forefront and behind the scenes for the betterment of this Community, and to have an Out-Sider come in and disrupt all their hard work is inexcusable. Bay City is a Proud City Steeped in the benefit of helping People. Commerce, Role-Playing and Charity work have combined to make it a fun, safe community and desirable Place to be. All Role Players enhance the Community, The Bay City Sherriff’s Department sole purpose is to be a Positive Presence as Goodwill Ambassadors, enhancing the environment and not casting a negative glare on this City. I personally received many Compliments while role-playing directing traffic at Bay-City Car Wash Fundraiser, which raise real money for a great cause.

    It is time the citizens of Bay City Speak up and defend our City against this type of attack. We have in Invested Real Money in this City and don’t need People like Mr. Hackett to undermine many peoples hard work.
    Case Closed, now citizens speak up and defend your City
    Slim Whitman,
    Proud citizen, and proud member or the Bay County Sheriff’s Department (RP).

    • I don’t think anyone in Bay City, apart from your friends, shares this notion of “outsiders” there Slim. As far as I’m concerned there are no “outsiders” who would somehow not have a right to speak up. Bay City is not Hillbilly RP.

      • SlimWhitman said:

        I stand Corrected The term Outsiders was inappropriate. Replaced with Visitors we welcome all, However if a Visitor disrupts all the hard work of others to disrupt a community with false accusations it should be addressed and corrected.

  5. Waterbank News welcomes reader contributions to the stories and reminds readers that a correction to this story has been printed. Reported public statements and actual events do not fall under the definition of slander.

  6. This isn’t an attack on Bay City. It’s about RP cops who force their RP on others. Stick to people who *want* to play with you, and everyone will be happy. It’s that simple.

    As someone who has owned land in Bay City since long before this current group of RP cops appeared, I am glad that “people like Mr. Hackett” are speaking up when they are harassed. This griefing of “Non-Citizens” needs to stop.

  7. I would just like to chime in here. I have, in the past, had issues with Bozz and Slim. Despite going to all events and meetings as a civilian, I am still being harassed by Bozz, Slim, and Cheree Shippe due to the fact that I originally came to Bay City as a police roleplayer. Not once have I ever forced roleplay onto anyone, and mainly I just drove around.

    I have done my best to be a part of the Bay City community. I do not have a police station, and most of the time I am in civilian clothes and driving a civilian car. At every event and meeting I am in civilian clothing. Yet I am still being harassed simply because I am not wanted in Bay City by Cheree Shippe, Bozz Parx, and SlimWhitman Mesmoriser. It has gotten to the point where I am even harassed in my own home in Bay City. They do this while claiming to speak on behalf of the Bay City community. You can see my posts on Flickr for proof of some of these incidents, one in particular involving the Sheriff department running me off of the road to warn me away from Bay City, all while under orders from the “Chief” (Chief Cheree Shippe of the Bay City Police Department)

    • SlimWhitman said:

      In Response to Mr. Hookers Post. I only Met him once. When we were called upon because he was Greiffing at an Event by activating the drawbridges during a road race, disrupting the event. No Words were exchanged between him and myself. He was asked to stop these actions so the event could carry on with out incident. I can count on 1 hand how many times we have been called upon in a role playing capacity to help in a situation. If Mr. Hooker would like to participate in a RP Capacity and be a positive influence to the Community he is encourage to apply for membership to one of several Clubs.

      • I know the event I was accused of disrupting, Neither you or Bozz ever came near the race. You can even ask Marianne McCann about that. As far as my contact with you, I have complete chat logs on my flickr post here: which also shows a photo of the incident. I will, however, state that I have not had any interaction with SlimWhitman beyond that. Bozz and Cheree on the other hand…

        Also, why would I need to join a specific group if I wanted to roleplay on Linden land? I had my own group, but I no longer do due to continuing harassment from these individuals whenever I appear in Bay City.

        While I can deal with Bozz and Cheree following me around, what is not right is that Cheree sends messages to every person I speak to in Bay City and warns them away from me. She continues to claim that I am a griefer, a troublemaker, and most recently, a drama queen. I have not once lifted any bridges, nor have I griefed anyone. Heck, aside from a few I am assuming Cheree and her friends have sent in, I don’t believe I even have any other ARs against me.

        As far as the outsider bit, Slim isn’t the only one who thinks so. This is a snippet Cheree posted on flickr: “The city is there for those of us who own and rent land in to enjoy, help grow and prosper, and evolve the city forward just as we have for many years before you showed up, and will continue to do for many years after you’ve gotten bored and moved on.”

        I do rent land in Bay City, and I am still being harassed by these people.

  8. FYI, for everyone who may have a question…

    TJ Hooker is simply trying to cause drama and trouble, something he is very well known for in Bay City.

    As a community we are very protective of each other and what happens around us, it’s what has made Bay City great for so many years and what makes it different than almost any other Mainland community in all of Second Life. We do our best to welcome everyone we see to the city and try to help them feel the most at home that is possible, without exception. The same was done with TJ Hooker as well as there was never any malice or hostility in any resident of Bay City’s communications to him. There are more than a few people in this city who can speak to many different events where ‘suspicious’ things happened when TJ was around (but oddly enough never before he showed up) or where encounters were had with him where he was not the ‘shining beacon’ that you seem to make him out to be.

    Sadly, the only lies that are being spread anywhere are those being spread by TJ. He continues to claim that I have something to do with other people in Bay City that I don’t, and never have, or that I have some personal vendetta against him… Truth of the matter is, and I told him this in the second (and last since I’ve had him muted ever since) time I spoke to him that frankly he doesn’t even amount to a thought in my mind.

    He is a drama queen, we’ve had our fair share of them in Bay City and he’s done nothing but cause headaches for quite a few people in the city resulting in the fact that a great many people simply ignore him, or give him a passing smile when he shows up at an event while they wait for something suspicious to happen.

    On one avatar or another, I’ve been involved in Second Life and Second Life Roleplay for over 7 years. I’ve been a roleplayer off and on in Bay City and Shermerville for almost that same length of time even while managing/operating some of Second Life’s largest and most successful urban roleplay sims and I also operate one of Second Life’s largest Urban Roleplay prefab businesses and in all that time I’ve never once met anyone who has more single minded tried to convince people that I’m some evil person than TJ Hooker.

    If you ask around in Bay City this has caused me no shortage of emotional distress in trying to figure out why this person who I really don’t care even exists feels the need to spend his entire Second Life trying to spread lies and drama focused on me, someone he’s talked to a grand total of 2 times.

    I’d invite anyone to send me a message in Second Life at anytime and have a chat, I’m pretty sure you’ll find out really quickly that everything I’ve said here is true, frankly I have nothing to hide.

    Frankly the only thing I’ve ever been guilty of with him was saying hello to him and welcoming him to Bay City. I don’t post chat logs but I have dug up the transcripts of our first conversation and I want you to see what has apparently earned his eternal harassment.

    Cheree Shippe: Hey there, welcome to Bay City! I’m Cheree Shippe and I’m with the Bay City Police Department RP group! I see you are role-playing as a Police Officer. FYI, I just wanted to let you know that the tags you are using (BCPD) is actually something I use with my group (The Bay City Police Department) so if you decide you want to continue that RP I’d ask you to choose another tag just to avoid confusion among the groups!
    Cheree Shippe: We have a Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) and the PD active right now but as you probably know, Bay City is a Linden Mainland community so people are welcome to do what they want as long as they follow the Community Standards and ToS. Bay City is a great and unique community, we have events weekly and a feeling like nowhere else on the maingrid!
    –Redacted as I do not post other people’s chats–
    Cheree Shippe: Well, I’m sorry you feel that way but I just wanted to take the time to stop by and say hello and let you know about the tags, in any event have a wonderful evening and Merry Christmas.

    So apparently that earned me an eternal hatred of this individual, the remaining run-ins he’s had with people in the Bay County Sheriff’s Office are between them and him, they are not, have never been, nor never will be affiliated or part of any of my groups or myself. They are purely independent and operate outside of anything to do with me as every single member of the Bay City community will tell you.

    Now, I’m pretty much spent on addressing this, however as I said before, I invite anyone to send me an IM anytime and I’ll be happy to talk to you and show you the truth about Bay City, not the twisted picture you’ve been given.



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