Stolen Airplane Designs Continue To Scandalize Aviation Industry

Additional allegations of stolen designs and impropriety are affecting the aviation industry and leaving consumers unsure about purchases.

“I don’t know if I can buy a plane right now,” one pilot told us anonymously at Honah Airfield Cafe. “There’s so much mud slinging and who knows what’s genuine? I’m just a pilot, you know?”

Buyers at an aircraft vendor board with multiple manufacturers were equally confused. “I have a good idea about this one and this one,” one buyer said, pointing to two long standing companies, “but I just can’t be sure of these guys.”

Her friend agreed. “I’ve even looked under the hood of (name deleted by legal dept.), and I can’t tell if it was taken from another plane. A turbine is a turbine, and a bolt’s a bolt.”

The lack of consumer confidence has resulted in a drop in sales across the industry. One company which makes cup holders has said that even they are feeling the change. “The way it is now everyone suffers. No one knows what to buy and people -makers and buyers – are getting upset.”

Consumer groups agree that the burden of originality should be on the creator to prove that they did the work, or have permission. The WBA has printed a few things creators can do:

Show your work
Be transparent about how you created it, and take screenshots and videos. Create a blog if you like. Have a place (in world) where people can see the work in progress. Some companies may want to keep these private, but if a few trustworthy people can verify it, then the product can be accepted.

Model for likeness not exactness
It’s true that buyers like the thrill of flying something they could not fly in RL, but there’s nothing saying that your model has to have the same name or be an exact replica. Change what you need to, or…

Do something original
If you look for “wheel” on Marketplace you’ll see that you get over 1800 hits. That’s right, that’s a lot of people recreating the wheel. The easiest way to avoid charges of copying is to make something original. Like the 747? Why not create your own and change what you like? People will still buy an airliner, and even more people might enjoy its unique features.

A list of known creators of original content after the jump –

This is an alphabetical list of known creators of original content – vehicle creators – that the WBA endorses:

Adventure Air
Amok Dynamics
Bandit Boats (Boss Craft)
Black Biship Industries
Feral Marine
Lusch Motors
Quandry Industries
Spijker and Wingtips
Stellar Industries
Terra Aeronautics

More to be added as they are confirmed.

  1. WN has learned that some airports are asking tenants to not use suspected aircraft at their airfields.

  2. Cubix said:

    How about adding Terra? I’m pretty sure he isn’t copying any planes, as he regulary updates his progress on twitter.

  3. Siris Vulpecula said:

    I’ve been running streams for Laminar Systems for this very reason and to educate people on how mesh works so they can find the offenders themselves

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