Silas Found At Arcus, Predictably Prostrate

SIlasArcus SOCL members found the elusive reporter face down at Arcus.

The Waterbank Newsroom erupted in laughter today when former reporter Silas Moone was found face down in the dirt of Arcus (link at right), outside what SOCL members describe as “an urban base.” SOCL, which was conducting soil samples on the ground, discovered Silas when they heard singing.

“It sounded more like a wounded animal,” the SOCL member said over the anomaly radio, “I had my pistol out to finish the job, when I saw it was a person.”

According to SOCL members who aided Silas, he had eaten one of the local fungi and fallen into an intoxicated state. Arcus doctors were unsure of how long the effects would last, but said that he could have salient conversations in a few weeks. WN newsroom was treated to a burst of Silas when he grabbed the radio from the SOCL member and slurred loudly “… that &^$%@ woman took my left shoe! Gonna get her back – awww, what can I says? I loves her,” at which point the SOCL member took back the radio.

Editor’s Note: Silas Moone has been our reporter at large in space reporting on everything from the latest developments in Quandry Industries to political changes in known galaxies. He frequently gets into trouble and is worth every cent of his meager stipend just for comedic relief.


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