Sentina Open For All

Heaven The picture found on Silas Moone, showing him talking to the holoperson, which he has somehow motivated to recline.

SOCL has reported to us that Sentina (link), has been remodeled and is open to travelers and traders. According to SOCL, they discovered this after going through Silas Moone’s cambot and finding the above image. “There was some crazy stuff in there,” said one SOCL team member, “but the Sentina information was interesting. It’s a port, seat of government, trade union, and pirate base all wrapped into one. We’ve dispatched a team to investigate.”

SOCL says that once you land in Sentina you can use a ship, or their “space shoot” device to navigate to the different locations. “They’re SAGA ready, so you should get your QI equipment,” said another member.

Visitors can follow the link Sentina (link), or the links at right.


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