UNO Brings In New Leadership, Modifies Name

Undine National Oil (UNO), the energy company that was in financial straits following the drying up of oil reserves in the reclusive Undine region, has hired new leadership to captain what analysts are calling “a completely sinking ship.”

The new leadership team includes several Waterbank figures that will work as an executive body during a several month transition. Following the transition the team will dissolve, bringing in a new executive officer from the team or hired outside the company. The team will be headed by WBA President Sketch Sun, who is likely to bring his business contacts into to play.

“The first thing that needs to happen is a name change,” Sun told us on the phone, “and the second is a cancellation of all bonuses. It’s preposterous to think some people are getting more with this situation.”

UNO-Transformation A pictorial of the UNO logo shows how the company drew heavily on the original Undine government emblem, a tricolor emblem with the statue on Undine mountain in silhouette. Critics charge that the logo shows little originality, to which the UNO spokesperson said “It’s a money saver.”

The company has already filed for a name change from “Undine National Oil” to “Unified National Oil.” The will allow the company to have a more international reputation and, according to Sun, “get consumers to disassociate from the unfortunate Undine Conflict.”


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