Amok Releases CV57 – Manta Future Tech

CV57_001A CV-59 Manta sets down at Honah Airfield.

Amok Dynamics has released a stunning aircraft that is likely to push the envelope of military technology. The CV-57 Manta, a MCE Level 10 VTOL transport is capable of vertical and conventional takeoffs, able to carry vehicles or up to 14 personnel, and comes with a gatling armament package or a heavy lift winch.

The vehicle is on display and on sale at Honah Airfield (links at right), and soon at Primbay. A teaser film at SL Artist (link) shows the craft in the air.


Amok Dynamics has long been considered to be the dominant military vehicle manufacturer in the industry, making tens of ground and air vehicles for a wide variety of military functions. The CV57 is the first vehicle produced by the company that has had MCE Level 10 technology. Founder and principal builder Aeon Voom has not said whether his latest release means the company will move to advanced systems, or continue with contemporary releases. Rumors about a reconstructed assembly process for the BF 109, shows that the company is as versatile as its craft.


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