WIA Floats Operations Outsource Proposal

WSDFA rare sight these days – a WSDF F-15 from Amok at Honah Airfield. The aircraft was unarmed and the flight plan was listed as “training exercises.”

Waterbank Intelligence Agency (WIA) has sent a proposal to the Mayor to outsource more of its operations. The proposal outlines how the agency would use existing paramilitary and military resources in place of their own assets. Organizations like HIT Corp could see a significant rise in business if approved, but Waterbank watchers have misgivings about outsourcing security.

“It’s about what we know, and what we don’t know,” said a Waterbank University professor. “We know companies like the HIT Corporation have a good reputation, but what kind of black ops are they running behind the scenes? No one even knows what’s happening in places like Constance Island.”

The Mayor, who has not been seen for some time, was unavailable for comment.


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