Al Raqis Intrigue Brings Instability SOCL Reports

alRaqPeopleSuppress A BBI shuttle makes a delivery on Mu-Draconis, the border of several empires.

Usually quiet about its extensive space program, SOCL has released information that they believe points to a change that may affect anomaly travelers. The spokesperson for SOCL explained the situation to a room full of Waterbank people. The Mayor was not present.

“We believe we have discovered an arms trade of SCS combat gear (link) centering in the international city of Al Raqis (link), which may become a victim of its own intrigue and subterfuge.

We believe the weapons and equipment are sent in small shipments to the Dunes of Mu-Draconis near the city of Al Raqis, where they are stored in ground level warehouses for sale to interested parties. We were able to track a shipment of Saber tanks and supplies to Harbury (link), where the native snow people are actively resisting occupying forces with SCS gear.

SOCLlossSCS The snow people leave a destroyed vehicle on Harbury.

In Harbury, the occupation has extended to the tundra, and there are now bases where weapons are being stockpiled. We also traced a shipment to a pirate clan on Arcus (link) found with similar gear, is making us believe that an arms trade is underway.”


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