Aircraft Star Dani Refutes Charges


Refuting allegations of impropriety, the popular Dani Airplanes (link) has disclosed details of a recent airplane construction at his showroom. The airplane manufacturer has been forced to respond to allegations after a watchdog group named his company as suspect.

In order to dispel what he called “rumors,” he has shown screenshots of the design process for the latest craft, which already has been receiving positive feedback. The screenshots, in combination with a recent confession from one of the Waterbank News reporters, who said that he had seen a partially constructed E-120 after sneaking outside of the Dani showroom, seems to vindicate the manufacturer.

Airlines and potential buyers are watching the issue closely, and hoping for a timely resolution.

Dani Airplanes has fast been becoming the dominant airplane manufacturer in the civilian market, producing well crafted planes with realistic pilot controls and smoother sim crossings.


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