Bootleg Liquor Blinds Boy

AbandTruckHC A vehicle suspected to be used in the illegal manufacture.

Social workers were horrified when a small boy was found wandering in a vacant lot, blinded by bootleg liquor. Though the effects of the liquor wore off after an hour, the increase of the illegally made liquor on the streets has people worried.

“Sometimes you can see the homeless guys in the street,” said one customer at the Daily Grind in Harrison, “I think they’re giving out samples to see if it’s safe to sell.”

HCPD has been quiet on the issue, but one officer spoke about an upcoming raid that might solve the problem. “Distilleries are hard to hide, and you can’t buy that much sugar unless you’re a bakery.”

While investigating the story, WN found one man in a doorway, drunk. We asked him about it. “What? A man can’t be down on his luck without some nosy nobody pokin? Yeah, I’m drinkin’ it! Homemade hooch is bettah than any (DELETED WORD)!” He yelled to answer our question, and then passed out.


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