SOCL Breaks Silence, Praises BBI

SOCL, which has been quiet about the developments in space, has released information about new ship technology from BBI – Black Bishop Industries, which has connections to QI. BBI, they say, has been in business for some time making craft and space stations that are sought after. Their recent release of the Concordia, a heavy duty shuttle was the reason for the break in silence from SOCL.

“This craft is their greatest so far, and demonstrates the need for larger vessels,” said the SOCL representative. “it’s an amazing craft. They also have released a freebie – a colony structure that is ideal for travelers that want to populate a new place. You’ve got to go to their showroom and check it out.”

SOCL also answered a few questions about their space program. “Gold Team 2 is in good health and doing good work. The whereabouts of Silas Moone are still unknown. Members of Gold Team 2 found some… well… DNA samples he left with a rather shocking note, but that was the last we saw of him.”

Interested parties should see the fascinating showroom at BBI (link), or can go to their online store (link).


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