Competition Drives Them


In the township of Crossing Sands, nicknamed “Urban Paradise,” two major automotive manufacturers, Hotaru and CHC, share the same street. Both companies are known for their loving recreations of classic and unique vehicles, offered at competitive prices.

“It’s a friendly competition,” said an attendant at a local petrol station. “They have to be nice, otherwise it would be slashed tires and oil fires. They both have great cars, and Kejwla has awesome bikes. I have to hold three jobs just to keep buying them!”

The attendant was not alone in his admiration. Of the people polled in the area, all of them agreed that the automotive companies were a major addition to the local economy and culture.

“We couldn’t live without them.” Said one policeman.

Visitors interested in seeing Kejwla, Hotaru, and CHC can go to this link: Urban Paradise


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