JAS Blake Sea Dismantled, Camp Del Mar Built

WIA has released the surprising news that JAS Blake Sea, the base that was handling security and anti-piracy patrols for the Blake Sea has been dismantled, and that a rapid response base has been built in its place.

Camp Del Mar, a marine and amphibious base is seen in this below reconnaissance photo, released for unknown reasons. The photo shows some of the equipment and vessels to be used by the base. The USS Nimitz, the carrier that was stationed at JAS Blake Sea is still moored off shore, though no one knows for how long.

Delamr The WIA photo highlights radar and a person using a port-o-john. It is unclear what that indicates to WIA, who monitors potential threats to Waterbank.

“It’s not clear what this means to Waterbank and the safety of our shipping,” said Sketch Sun, President of the WBA, recently returned from a world tour via sailboat. “They seem to have the situation under control.”


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