Harrison City Opens, WN Follows New Resident


The long anticipated opening of Harrison City, the Prototype-adjacent metropolis that is built with cutting edge NTBI technology happened earlier today, and is seeing record numbers of aspiring residents.

We followed one of our freelance reporters, Thomas Tallon, on his first few hours in the big city. He took a shuttle into the city reception area (link) and we asked him some questions.

We’ve gotta ask, Thomas, what’s with the mechanics overalls?
My place burned down while I was at work. Right now this is all I’ve got.

We followed him out onto the street and along Clifton Park. “They’ve got nice parks” he said as he walked, wide eyed. We passed a couple of people but didn’t stop. Thomas was preoccupied with reading the street signs. In Harrison everything is well laid out, and we asked him about his first impressions.
This place is incredible. Everything’s just the way you’d want in a city. I’ve seen a couple cabs already too – I can see a good future here.


Why’d you come to Harrison?
I think I came here for the same reason a lot of people came. This city’s got so much potential. Just look at this place. Even the payphones are Gentek. If there’s a place to make a new life it’s here.


HCFD’s Battalion 2 was polishing windows as we walked down Lumin Street to Hutson. Tallon had heard about a pizza place that served deep dish, and was determined to have it for his first Harrison City meal.


Benny’s at Hutson and Lumin has a reputation from the hundreds of construction workers that made Harrison the city it is today. Nicknamed “Napoli Nirvana,” the pizza place has seen everyone in Harrison, even city celebs like Will Szymborska and Nelson Jenkins.


Inside Benny’s we asked Tallon one more question. What’s next on the to do list in Harrison City?

Right now I’m waiting for my citizenship papers. If I’m OK’ed then I’ll start looking for some work, maybe even open a shop. I always thought a bookstore cafe would be cool. Anyhow, first thing’s first. Benny’s deep dish!


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