Claw Shows Off WIA Recon Plane

ClawComm A Claw pilot stands in front of the captured plane with his face blacked out.

In a further demonstration of power, the Claw has shown a captured WIA reconnaissance plane, forced to land in the Blake Sea.

The Waterbank Intelligence Agency gave a short press conference after the pictures hit the news. “We believe our pilot was forced to land by Claw jet fighters, and possibly captured. It is a risk that our pilots accept and we are doing everything we can to rescue him. At this time I can tell you that the plane was an unarmed Commander 112 (link) conducting a routine search for smugglers. WIA is coordinating with military units in the area for rescue.”

Commin-flight A photo of the Commander 112 in flight, a month before the incident.

The Mayor of Waterbank refused to comment on the story, yet Waterbank citizens already know that WIA’s options are limited. “WIA is really the last stop for international policy in Waterbank. The military has been bankrupted and sold off, so the only real option WIA has is to use their teams or outsource to another group.”

Waterbank watchers have criticized the Mayor for policies that have led to the dismantling of the WSDF and several civic functions, and rumors have been spread about a possible civil action suit against the Mayor.

“It’s not really her fault,” defended a Waterbank University professor that teaches international business. “The budget problems started with Barnaby, and Forgier blew it all to hell when he started the space program.”


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