WFC Trawler Chases Fish, Finds Claw

CasaCastilleCasa Castille is seen here with the “sky backdrop” put up by a developer behind the dock. Located near Desdemona Field, the dock is a remnant from colonial fortifications in the area.

Chasing an elusive school of Desdemona Tuna, a Waterbank Fish Co. Trawler found a small dock controlled by the Claw.

“At first we thought it was deserted, but when we walked around we found Claw flags and weapons. When we saw the anti-aircraft missiles we decided to get out and report it.”

The Waterbank Intelligence Agency (WIA) claims that it has known about “Casa Castille” for some time, though believes it to be a small threat. “We believe that it is a Claw submarine base, and that the sub is out pirating somewhere. Unless they return it’s an empty hive.”

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