SOCL Plane Lands at East River International, Loads Mystery VIP


Passengers waiting for flights were very curious who the VIP was that would warrant the arrival of SOCL’s red carpet, including their Embraer 107 class aircraft.

“I saw the black stripes on the tail fin and brought my kids to watch,” said one passenger. “Then we see this guy in black and the SOCL people bowing and scraping to this guy.”

Passengers also reported that a heavily guarded crate was loaded on board, and ground crews said that they were warned to stay away.

“She had special clearance from the get-go,” said the ground chief from that day, “she backed herself up and went straight to holding for take off. There was a VCG pilot that was pissed about SOCL jumping the queue, but that’s SOCL for ya. They’ve got strings everywhere.”


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