Rochester Sees Terror, Calls HCI For Backup


Rochester Police were overwhelmed when they responded to a call of a suspicious person in front of a local bowling alley. On arriving, they saw the person wearing body armor, carrying several firearms, and walking around in an agitated state. Seeing the police the man entered the bowling alley, shouting angrily.

As they guided customers outside away for safety, a call for backup was made, and RPD enlisted the help of Security Officers from the newly occupied HCI office nearby. When officers attempted to enter the building, he fired at them, and began an hour long siege at the bowling alley.

“At the time we were only concerned about the shooter,” said one officer. “We had no idea how much trouble we were in.”

After police and HIT Corp officers arrived in force, they attempted to enter the main door, only to discover the man had attached a bomb to the front door.


Police and HCI blocked the street off and one of the Security Officers attempted to negotiate, to which the armed man shouted “F**** you, Infidel!” and opened fire. Fearing for possible innocents inside, police did not return fire. After a tense standoff, an HCI marksman shot the man and Police entered the building with HCI backup. The man was found to be deceased from a single gunshot wound to the neck.

“We were fortunate to have HCI as backup,” said the RPD officer. “Their people have seen a lot of action, and have more experience with bombs and suicidal attackers.”


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