Insilico’s Dark Secret


Insilico, the space metropolis that has been the subject of Gold Team 2’s (and SOCL’s) attention, has been discovered to have a dark secret. On the planet surface – rarely seen by visitors to the city – are the blackened remains of a civilization. Abandoned and burnt, it was discovered when Gold Team 2 attempted to access the city’s substructure, and fell past a containment field that surrounds the surface.

“We would have died but were saved by the new Isil Hummingbird jet pack,” said one member of the team. “The air was difficult to breathe so we used our QI helmets and medpacs. It could have deadly if we weren’t prepared.”

Isilprod Isil, the maker of the Hummingbird jet pack, has been releasing a number of high quality space products (link).


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