Missing Ordinance Still in East River?

An intrepid reporter sent us a report from this morning:

“On my way into work this morning at 4am I saw a person looking for something on the Pippen docks. At first I thought it was a fisherman, but when I got closer I saw they were wearing a hazmat suit. I had a feeling there was something to the story and began to follow the person, taking photos as I did and doing my best to stay hidden.

I snuck around docks and around railings as the person went back to their vehicle, an ambulance without any markings, just an orange stripe.

While the person got in the truck I asked a passing EMT who said they had never seen that ambulance before.

I commandeered WBA’s motorcycle and followed the ambulance.


I even followed the person into the hills off the main road, where they seemed to be puzzled by a private helipad.



I could see them use a Geiger counter, and so it’s got to be the missing A bomb. Who this guy is and what they want is the question…


At 830 they were in the parking lot of East River airport, and will try to get closer.”


The last picture was too close and the reporter was arrested. Waterbank News has retained the fugitive lawyer in his defense and expects him to be released soon.

After analysis of the photos, our reporter on the international desk believes that we are looking at a clandestine hazmat team of unknown origin.


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