Illegal Sand Market Flooded With Low Grade Sand

SnadLan A GTMD HF-6000 gathers sand in Lansing, but to where?

Tourists and beach owners across the Blake Sea have been complaining as illegal sand smugglers have flooded the market with low grade sand from construction sites. Beach and resort owners have been desperate for new sand as natural erosion has been eating away at their profits, and have turned to “sand traders” for their sand. The lucrative trade in sand has had a difficult time keeping up with demand and now sand traders have been taking sand from all over the world, including construction sites.

“One of our guests found a piece of a concrete bag from Prototype Cement Factory,” said one resort owner who refused to give their name.

Another beach owner who offers horse rides on their beach was shocked when the sand had shell casings and an old SSR mine in it. “I think the sand was from Undine!” They exclaimed.

Coast Guard units in the area have been trying to curb the illegal sand trade and restore honest business, yet the sand trade is backed by criminal groups and highly organized.

“The Island Mafia knows how to smuggle and how to get their money,” said a Coast Guard officer who spoke privately with us, “they’ve got deep reach in the Blake Sea, and I think it will take nothing less than a full operation to take them out.”


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